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Your trademark is your #1 brand identifier. It’s the name and symbol that distinguishes you from everyone else. Protecting your brand identity is the most important aspect of protecting your business.


Due to the escalating costs involved with filing a trademark application, many small businesses, social media entrepreneurs, and creative artists forego the vital legal protection of trademarking their personal brand and products, leaving them exposed in the marketplace.


At Registered Artists, we’re committed to helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives, protect their unique name and brand.


We believe it’s people like you who are moving society forward with your bold ideas and innovations. We don’t want to hear another story about a hard-working person or company having their brand and products copied, ripped-off, or stolen due to inadequate protection.


Don’t wait until it’s too late. Registered Artists can help you finalize your trademark search and filing at a fraction of the costs typically incurred. We walk you through every step along the way, providing steady communication as we reach each milestone of the process.


Our bottom line commitment is to make it as simple, easy, and cost effective as possible for you to protect your good name and brand.


We look forward to working with you.


The Registered Artists Team


               You make your mark. We’ll help you protect it!