You made your mark. . . now let Registered Artists help you protect it!
Registered Artists offers two levels of trademark monitoring with monthly PDF reports e-mailed directly to you. Basic trademark monitoring searches federal and state databases. Our premium monitoring service includes a common law search.
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Basic - $150 per year

Premium - $350 per year

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Basic Monitoring

With basic trademark monitoring, Registered Artists will monitor the USPTO database and notify you of any potentially infringing marks that may be filed with the USPTO for registration. If a potentially infringing mark is identified by Registered Artists, we will notify you via e-mail and text message within 24 hours.

Premium Monitoring

With premium trademark monitoring, Registered Artists will actively monitor the USPTO database, and will provide notification within 24 hours of identifying any potentially infringing trademark filed with the USPTO. In addition, once a month, Registered Artists will conduct a search of state and federal databases, as well common law sources for potentially infringing marks. Search results will be e-mailed to you in PDF form.